"Green" Consumption Awareness in the Post-Epidemic Era
Apr 15 , 2022
In terms of consumer culture, the "green" consciousness of Chinese consumers has begun to take a far lead in the global market.

According to the 2021 Chinese consumer research: Post epidemic report released by Accenture, 55% of Chinese respondents said they would pay more attention to "sustainable development and moral values of enterprises" in the post epidemic era.

In China and other parts of the world, the factors that consumers choose to brand are the source of price linkage: Accenture's ninth round of COVID-19 trend research.
A study conducted by MII in cooperation with the North Mountain consulting group shows that Chinese cities have a high acceptance of the next generation of leather products. 90% of respondents said they prefer the next generation of leather to traditional leather, and 70% said they are very likely to buy the next generation of leather.
According to the qualitative research of the report, the consumption motivation of the next generation of leather supporters lies in the altruistic benefit of products in terms of environment and animal welfare. At the same time, the innovation, fashion and economic affordability of products are also taken into account.
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