All You Need To Know About Microfiber Leather
Apr 07 , 2022

All You Need To Know About Microfiber Leather

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The demand for animal leather or real leather decreases as new types of leathers like Microfiber leather is emerging in the leather industry. Seeing the increasing demand, manufacturers are trying more to improvise the structure of Microfiber leather to make it an outstanding substitute for real or natural leather.

This is because people are loving the idea of using non-violent products as they are protecting animals. People around the world have started making upholstery leather, microfiber leather couches, motorized interior leather, and so many other accessories of leather using microfiber.

Maybe you will find it quite challenging to categorize which leather is durable, reliable, and has outstanding physical and chemical properties. But this article will provide you with a lot of info to distinguish between microfiber leather VS real leather.

So, in case you are wishing to buy a first-class microfiber leather product that has an alike texture and features genuine leather, then keep on reading this article. We have discussed it all to answer all your queries regarding Microfiber leather.

What Is Microfiber Leather?

microfiber base

Microfiber leather is an abbreviation of microfiber polyurethane artificial leather. The full tag for microfiber is PU delicate fiber leather. Microfiber leather is measured as the highest quality and modern version of synthetic leather. It is a noteworthy upgrade from the genuine PU leather, which is the conventional fabric layered with polyurethane resin.

In general, microfiber is made by a coating of high-performance superfine fiber and polyurethane resin (PU) wiki clothe covering. Its construction is comparable to genuine leather, and it belongs to the third generation artificial leather. It’s provided with the outstanding property.

This leather is the 3rd gen artificial leather after PU synthetic leather and PVC artificial leather. The only difference between PU and PVC leather is that its base fabric isn’t woven fabric or ordinary knitted fabric, instead, it is microfiber. Its core is a type of non-woven fabric; however, the excellence is only a normal non-woven fabric.

So, Microfiber is a very lightweight synthetic substance that people commonly used for upholstery and clothing. It’s a widespread choice for upholstery because Microfiber comes in nearly every color. It is made to copy the assets of suede leather, with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk used in combination with synthetics such as acetate and rayon.

Manufacturers around the world have been using these microfibers for upholstery and other items since the creation of ultra-fine fiber beans in the 1950s, whereas synthetics were included in production procedures in the 60s.

Microfiber can repel water, but they’re not resistant to stains as well as they should not be cleaned with water and soap, but rather with precisely designed fabric detergents.

Properties of Microfiber Leather?

● Breathable

● Looks & feels like real leather

● Lightweight

● Eco-friendly

● Anti-odor and anti-bacterial

● Water-repellent

● Washable

Application of Microfiber Leather:

artificial leather material

Before people use to complain about artificial leather. They used to say that microfiber leather doesn’t smell or feel like real leather. However, now they are supporting microfiber leather because of the increasing craze of people to protect animals. That is why maximum people now have started using microfiber leather. Consequently, manufacturers are creating artificial leather to turn it into the best supernumerary to real leather. Because of the growing demand for microfiber leather, these days, it’s used to make the following items:

● Leather shoe

● Leather garment

● Leather bags & luggage

● Leather balls

● Leather glove

● Leather fine inner packaging Leather accessories such as belt, laces, straps, etc.,

● Leather car seat as well as other automotive internal parts

● Leather sofa and other upholstery furniture

How Durable Is Microfiber Leather?

pu synthetic microfiber

Microfiber leather is way more durable when compared to traditional synthetic coatings because it’s built as if it’s animal skin. But the more conventional synthetics are just sheets of substance spray painted to appear like leather and layered with polyurethane to guard its appearance.

Conventional synthetics get damaged easily. But Microfiber leather comes with the strong point of real leather as well as is the highest-quality artificial leather obtainable in the market today. The highest-grade microfiber leather similarly has some benefits over real leather. Microfiber leather does not peel and does not age as rapidly.

However, whether the microfiber leather is durable or not will entirely depend on how well you take care of them and maintained them. If you do not clean it properly and abuse it often thinking that it is everlasting then you will soon know that you were wrong.

How to Identify The Microfibre Leather?

faux leather fabric

Here are the ways to check and identify whether it is Microfiber leather or not.

Base Fabric

The base fabric is the key factor for microfibre leather as well as it’s related to the general performance of the microfiber. If it is a good base fabric then its performance will be more stable.

See the Surface Grains Of The Leather

The surface of superior microfiber is richer and the layer will feel more like genuine leather. But the poor-quality surface of the microfiber leather is rough and has a strong feel of plastics.

Check The Crease

Fold the leather to see if any crease is created there. If you notice any crease then see how long does it take to disappear or the crease stays the same. Smaller crease and faster disappearance, suggest that the leather has better performance. This is a significant sign for high-quality microfiber leather.

Hydrolysis Resistance

Microfiber leather is resistant to hydrolysis. This’s difficult to differentiate it with your naked eye, but you can ask the procurement clearly about it.

Check the Scratches

So, check this, you need to scrape the microfiber leather’s surface with any hard object. And then check if any scratches are created or not. If it is good microfiber leather then there won’t be any scratches.

Is Microfiber Leather Vegan?

car upholstery leather

The growth of microfiber leather was determined by the concern for animal rights. Nowadays, alternatives for animal skin have improved both in quality and in quantity. That also includes microfiber leather. So, it is clear that the Microfiber leather is 100% vegan. No animal gets hurt for making such leathers whatsoever.

Using Microfiber leather is great because it is now available as car upholstery, footwear, leather jackets, and even backpacks. Just remember that microfiber leather itself comes in a wide range of makings.

Microfiber consists of masses of almost microscopic synthetic fibers firmly wound together and filled the gaps with polyurethane cover. None of these include any type of animal or animal product whatsoever. That means microfiber leather is completely vegan.


So, now you gained a vivid idea of what microfiber leather is and what is it used for. Hopefully, now it is clear to you that microfiber leather isn’t real leather, rather it is the best substitute for real leather material.

Microfiber leather is an abbreviation of microfiber polyurethane synthetic or faux leather. It’s the highest degree of fake leather, and because of its notable performance, it is now considered the best alternative for real leather products.

It belongs to the 3rd gen of fake leather, and the structure of microfiber leather is very comparable to genuine leather (made from animal skin). Instead of using animal skin, Microfiber leather is made using a coating of high-quality Polyurethane resins as well as tremendously fine fiber base material to carefully substitute skin fibers for microfiber.


Q. Is microfiber leather durable?

A. Microfiber leather is way more durable when compared to traditional synthetic coatings because it’s built as if it’s animal skin.

However, whether the microfiber leather is durable or not will entirely depend on how well you take care of them and maintained them. If you do not clean it properly and abuse it often thinking that it is everlasting then you will soon know that you were wrong.

Q. Does microfiber leather crack?

A. Microfiber leather won't crack if you use it normally and maintain it well.

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