Different Types of Car Seat Materials
Mar 26 , 2020
Different Types of CARSEAT Materials
There are two types of car seats materials, one is fabric seats and the other is leather seats. Different fabrics have different actual functions and various comforts.

Fabric CARSEAT Material
The fabric seat is a seat made of chemical fiber material as the primary material. The fabric seat is the most cost-effective, with good atmosphere permeability, insensitivity to temperature, stronger friction drive, and more stable sitting, but it will not show grade, easy to be stained, not really easy to clean, not simple to look after, and poor warmth dissipation.

Leather Car Seat Material
The leather seat is a seat manufactured from organic animal leather or synthetic leather. Manufacturers use leather seats to improve the interior quality of the automobile. Leather resources are significantly limited, prices are relatively expensive, and production costs are very high, which restricts the application of leather in child car seats to a specific extent, therefore artificial leather happened as an alternative for leather.

Artificial Leather CARSEAT Materials

The artificial leather is mainly 3 types: PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather and Microfiber Leather. Compared with the two, microfiber leather is more advanced than PCV artificial leather and PU synthetic leather in many aspects such as for example flame retardancy, breathability, high and low temperature efficiency, and environmental safety. Microfiber leather may be the most regularly used material in automotive interiors due to its uniqueness.

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