Features of Microfiber leather for Sofa
May 13 , 2022
Microfiber leather is the best regenerated leather. The skin texture is very similar to that of leather. It feels as soft as leather. It is also difficult for outsiders to distinguish whether it is genuine leather or regenerated leather. It belongs to a newly developed high-grade leather in synthetic leather and belongs to a new type of leather material.

Because of its wear resistance, cold resistance, air permeability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the most ideal choice to replace natural leather.

The advantages of Microfiber leather :
  • It has super wear resistance, air permeability and good flexibility. Sofas and other products made of microfiber leather have good air permeability and cold resistance, and the aging resistance of microfiber leather is also very strong;
  • It has good stain resistance and can be scrubbed with water or household alcohol.
  • Good chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no odor and not easy to mildew
  • Hydrolysis resistance, good light resistance, no fading and superior environmental protection performance.
  • Good physical and mechanical properties. Its tensile load, tear load and wear resistance are the same as those of natural leather with the same thickness. Its moisture absorption and air permeability are close to the effect of natural leather,
  • It is soft and lubricated, feels comfortable, and its surface texture is comparable to that of natural leather. It has better shaping than natural leather, and does not shrink and deform in case of water.
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