How to clean up the suede sofa?
Aug 02 , 2021

In the big family of fabric sofas, the fabrics include silk, satin, hemp, flannel, etc. Different fabrics have different characteristics. For example, flannel, products made of flannel not only look solid and heavy, and blow a natural and simple wind; if a little silk and satin are added, it will also give people a sense of elegance, luxury, and grandeur.

The most attractive thing about the suede sofa is its super delicate and gentle touch, which feels like the fur of a small animal. As long as you gently stroke the flannel sofa with your hand, you will definitely be fascinated by the gentleness that it brings to your fingers. It also has the advantages of stylish appearance, good color rendering, dustproof and antifouling.
Its shortcomings are also obvious. First, it is easy to generate static electricity. Second, it is more troublesome to clean. Because some suede materials will harden when exposed to water, it is difficult to clean, and it will become a headache for families who love to clean. , I don't know how to take care of it.

Our customer once encountered such a problem. The customer himself cleaned the suede cushion at home. He also knew that suede was not easy to wash with water, so he tried to clean a small part of the cushion first. The suede becomes hard. Later, we found our franchisees and we solved this problem for our customers.
There are many types of suede materials, which can be roughly divided into two types, one is woven pile and the other is flocking. Weaving velvet can be divided into two types: patting and no pulping. Dry cleaning should be used as far as possible for patting, because washing is easy to harden; no pulp can be washed with water, but the amount of water must be small. The other planting velvet can be washed with water.

What should I do after the suede becomes hard?

For the customer’s cushion, our technician soaked it with Kenjie softener for 15 minutes, then spread it out in the shade to about 80%, and then dried it with cold air. After taking it out, the suede stood up and restored its original appearance.

WINIW warm reminder: Customers who buy suede sofas, when choosing cleaning, do not dispose of them at will. They must choose a professional cleaning method, otherwise it will easily damage the sofa.

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