Is faux suede real leather?
Jul 09 , 2021

Suede leather is used in a wide range of occasions. However, because the muntjac is a national second-level protected animal and its population is scarce, it is illegal to kill muntjac. So now many regular manufacturers use deerskin (higher cost), goat skin, sheep skin, and these animal skins instead of suede.

With technological innovation, people began to imitate suede from chemical fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and acetate since the 1970s. The fabric of this animal-like suede is artificial suede, also known as suede or suede.

Suede leather is softer, thicker than sheepskin, and has a tighter fiber structure. It is the best leather for processing suede. In addition to being used as a polishing material for clothing, shoes, bags, and gloves, it can also be used as a polishing material for jewelry and other accessories. Although deer belong to the deer family, suede deer skin, many people may confuse the two, but in fact, deer skin usually refers to the skin of sika deer, not the skin of suede.

Compared with natural suede that is easy to shrink and harden when exposed to water, it is easy to be eaten by insects, and is not easy to sew, this kind of artificial suede with densely dense slender soft short hair on the surface is not only light, thin and soft, but also smooth and durable. Wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, and because of the densely packed microporous structure between the fabrics, there is more static air in the fabric, and better heat insulation and warmth retention can be obtained. In addition, compared with natural suede leather, it is more resistant to dirt and water.

All in all, artificial suede is not real leather. For people who do not like animal products, it is an excellent leather substitute. If you like it or want to try it, please consult WINIW for free samples, we will provide you with services online at any time. Company website:

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