Is PU leather A good leather?
Aug 22 , 2021

PU leather is the skin of polyurethane. It is widely used in the decoration of bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture. It has been increasingly affirmed by the market. Its wide application range, large quantity, and many varieties cannot meet the needs of traditional natural leather. The quality of PU leather is also good or bad. Good PU leather is even more expensive than real leather, and the shaping effect is good and the surface is bright!

The full name of microfiber leather is "microfiber reinforced leather". It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent breathability, aging resistance, softness and comfort, strong flexibility, and the environmental protection effect now advocated. Microfiber leather is the best reclaimed leather. It feels softer than genuine leather. Microfiber leather is a newly developed high-grade leather among synthetic leathers, and belongs to a new type of leather. Because of its abrasion resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the most ideal choice to replace natural leather. Practice has proved that the excellent properties of microfiber leather cannot be replaced by natural leather. According to the analysis of domestic and foreign markets, microfiber leather has also largely replaced natural leather with insufficient resources. The use of microfiber leather for the decoration of bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture has been increasingly affirmed by the market. Its wide range of applications, large quantities, and many varieties cannot be satisfied by traditional natural leather.

Characteristics of PU artificial leather:   

1. High strength, thin and elastic, soft and smooth, good air and water permeability, and waterproof   
2. It still has good tensile strength and flexural strength at low temperature, good light aging resistance and hydrolysis resistance stability   
3. Not wear-resistant, appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to wash and decontaminate, easy to sew   
4. The surface is smooth and compact, and can be used for a variety of surface treatments and dyeings, with various varieties

   Relatively low price

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