microfiber leather and Cow leather
Sep 29 , 2021

Microfiber leather (two-layer cowhide): also known as two-layer transfer leather, also known as two-layer transfer leather, two-layer cowhide leather, two-layer cowhide, transfer cowhide, transfer film, transfer film, cow two-layer Leather transfer leather, two-layer leather, coated cowhide, sandwich two-layer cowhide, and two-layer composite cowhide.

Term explanation: The two-layer skin is obtained by splitting the thick skin with a tablet machine. The first layer is used to make full-grain leather or trimmed leather, and the second layer is made into the second layer of leather through a series of processes such as painting or filming. With the change of craftsmanship, various grades are also made, such as imported two-layer cowhide. Because of its unique craftsmanship, stable quality and novel varieties, it is a low-grade leather, and its price and grade are no less than that of the first-layer leather. Microfiber synthetic leather with superior characteristics and use value is developing rapidly. As the base fabric is made of superfine fibers, it has good elasticity, high strength, soft hand feeling and good air permeability. Most of the physical properties of high-grade synthetic leather have surpassed that of natural leather, and the outer surface has the characteristics of natural leather. In an industrial sense, it is suitable for modern scale production, while protecting the ecology, reducing environmental pollution, making full use of non-natural resources, and the surface has primitive skin characteristics.

Cowhide: The official name of the first layer of cowhide is cowhide, which is cow skin. The folk name is pure cowhide. The surface has the characteristics of original skin, and the first skin should be classified according to grade. The best is grain leather (also called full-grain leather, Korean translation: Napa leather), by planed leather (also called shaved leather), by soft leather, and finally shredded leather.

How to distinguish between the two:
1. Good touch, delicate and sensual. A layman presses it with his hand, there are wrinkles when pressed, the skin is not thick, it is real cowhide, it is the first layer of leather, otherwise it is the second layer of leather

2. Width size, the first layer of leather basically retains the entire area of the wet blue leather, the leather area is relatively large, and the leather surface is well-proportioned. For the second skin, the loss will be greater when the scalp is incised, the area of the skin will be much smaller than the area of the scalp, and there will be more deformities.

3. Tear resistance, according to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, the tear resistance of the leather material is 40 kg/cm². Specifically, adults can easily tear the second layer of skin after a small incision. The first layer of yellow leather was cut with small incisions and needed to be torn apart by an adult.

4. Granular texture The scalp layer contains the papilla layer, which has a natural granular surface and pores. When you press down with your hands, the wrinkles of natural leather will stretch. Although the two-layer leather has artificial imitation patterns, it has no pores. When pressed by hand, the wrinkles of the coating or peritoneum will not change or shrink.

5. The higher the number of the first layer of cowhide, the thinner the skin, preferably the first layer is as thin as paper. The second layer of cowhide is the thickest, because the second layer of cowhide is the first layer of leather with polyethylene material added. If the leather surface is damaged, it must be damaged before production. Therefore, the leather surface is thicker. The upper will break after use, and the leather can be easily opened without sanding. Therefore, the two-layer cowhide leather shoes are all machine-made, there is no glue, and there is no glue smell.

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