What are the classifications of suede microfibers?
Jul 26 , 2021

Suede microfiber is the most popular microfiber in the current microfiber classification. Its high softness, light weight, and thinness have become the love of shoe materials and furniture industries.

Many customers who are new to microfiber leather often have doubts. What are the classifications of suede microfiber? What is the difference between them? Will the price difference be great?

At present, the domestic suede is divided into fixed island suede super fiber or indefinite island suede super fiber. Suede superfiber is different from veneer superfiber. It is made of pure superfine fiber to make the base fabric, and then it is made by softening, dyeing and sanding. Therefore, the process of producing superfine fiber is different and its performance is decisive. Impact.

Generally speaking, fixed island microfibers have more stable performance and stronger color fastness than indefinite island microfibers, so they are more suitable for applications that require quality.

Of course, the price is also quite different. Usually, the fixed island suede microfiber with a standard width of one meter is 10-20 yuan more expensive than the indefinite island suede microfiber. Therefore, manufacturers should also do it according to their own application requirements and cost control. Make a reasonable choice.

Attached is a brief introduction to the process of fixed island method and non-fixed island hair microfiber:

Fixed island method: It is made by two-component composite spinning technology. The cross-section of its fiber is that one component is surrounded by another component in a fine and dispersed state, much like an island in the sea. The sea component is continuously dense and uniformly distributed along the length of the fiber. The number of islands is fixed, the size is the same, and can only reach 0.05 denier. After spinning, it exists in conventional fineness, and only when the sea component is dissolved by the solvent in the post-processing, can the bundle-shaped ultra-fine fiber bundle be really obtained. At present, it is mostly used on filaments.

Indefinite island method: It is made by two-component miscible spinning technology. The cross-section of its fiber is also a component in a fine and dispersed state surrounded by another component. The islands in the single fiber are It is uncontrollable microscopically, and it is discontinuously densely distributed along the length of the fiber, so it is more realistic to the actual sea island. The number of islands is not fixed, the size is different, but the fiber is thinner, which can reach 0.0001 denier, and its artificial leather is stronger. After spinning, it also exists in conventional fineness. Only when the sea component is dissolved by the solvent in the post-processing, the bundle-like ultra-fine fiber bundle is really obtained. Since the island part is stretched to form extremely ultra-fine fibers, it is currently not possible to produce filaments, but only short fibers.

In addition, the microfiber suede is divided into single-sided velvet and double-sided velvet. Single-sided velvet refers to the industry where the microfiber suede is used in a single layer and is used in shoe uppers and home decoration. It is conceivable that double-faced fleece can be used on both sides, and we generally use it for clothing or bag decoration. The price of double-faced fleece and single-faced fleece is also different, and the price of double-faced fleece is slightly higher than that of single-faced fleece. Everyone should pay more attention not to make mistakes when purchasing.

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