Which is better, real leather or microfiber?
Jul 19 , 2021

1. What is microfiber leather?

1 Microfiber leather is a kind of superfine fiber, which is short for PU synthetic leather. Microfiber leather is a non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional structure network made of ultra-fine short fibers through carding and needle punching processes, and then through wet processing, PU resin impregnation, dermabrasion, dyeing and finishing, and other processing techniques. Fiber leather has multiple properties.

2The microfiber leather is made of PU polyurethane with microfibers, so the microfiber leather has super abrasion resistance, air permeability and good flexibility. Sofas and other products made of microfiber leather have good air permeability and cold resistance. Microfiber leather is also very resistant to aging and is a very good material.

2. Comparison of genuine leather and microfiber leather

1 Appearance. From the appearance point of view, the microfiber leather is actually very close to the real leather, but after careful comparison, you will find that the pores on the leather are clearer and the lines will be more natural. And the microfiber leather is a kind of artificial leather, so is it? There are pores, and the texture of the microfiber leather will be more regular and regular. Some low-end microfiber leather products have a plastic feel on the surface.

2 Odor. The dermis is animal skin, so it will have a certain peculiar smell or even some foul smell. Some dermis will be processed with some chemical substances, so heavy metals and formaldehyde tend to exceed the standard, which makes the dermis emit bursts of pungent odors. The microfiber leather taste is not so heavy, but if you buy some low-end microfiber leather products, the microfiber leather will give off a plastic taste.

3Weight. In terms of weight, dermis is real animal skin, so it contains more water. The specific gravity of dermis is generally about 0.6, while the specific gravity of microfiber leather is 0.3~0.5. Therefore, under the same circumstances, dermis is better than microfiber. The tare is a lot. Especially when buying bags, real leather bags are much heavier, which can be distinguished by weighing them.

4Performance. The microfiber leather is added with microfiber, so it has stronger aging resistance and abrasion resistance, but the microfiber leather is more comfortable and breathable. In fact, the two can achieve a balance in all aspects.

5Environmental protection. The dermis is made of real animal skins, which is limited in terms of materials, and it is not environmentally friendly. The microfiber leather is more convenient to obtain, and its performance in all aspects is more stable and lasting.

6Price. Genuine leather will be more expensive than microfiber leather due to material reasons, and the price of leather will fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand. However, some of the top foreign technology to produce microfiber leather will be more expensive than real leather, mainly for high-end applications.

Microfiber leather is gradually being widely used, are you interested in it too? For people who do not like animal products, it is an excellent leather substitute. If you like or want to try it, please consult WINIW for free samples, we will provide you with services online at any time. Company website: www.MicrofiberLeather.com

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