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Epidemic Blockade Brings New Opportunities For Car Seat Leather And Furniture Leather
Sep 10 , 2020

According to our exclusive leather market consultation report on July 28, on the one hand, what is waiting for us is the uncertainty related to the new crown pneumonia and the continuous challenges faced by the leather industry for a long time. On the other hand, there are increasing business opportunities. The automobile industry has begun to improve again, and sales of automobile leather are expected to increase accordingly. The author of the report predicts that after the summer, automobile production capacity will recover to 80% or more. This coincides with the potential growth of automobile consumer spending, because of the spread of the coronavirus, people are reluctant to choose public transportation in order to be cautious. Regarding other leather products, such as accessories for high-tech products and comfortable furniture, consumers will love them. Because of home isolation, people spend more and more time at home.

However, the author of the report said that behind the challenges and opportunities, there is a problem we need to solve, that is, how do we make consumers recognize the high quality and sustainability of leather products again. How to deal with organizations that oppose the use of leather and promote synthetic materials more effectively.

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