Microfiber Leather
WINIW Microfiber Automotive Leather FGR Series - In Stock Ready to Ship
Mar 26 , 2020

WINIW Microfiber Automotive Leather FGR Series has very smooth surface with almost no texture, well used for car seats, head supports, arm rests, door trim, steering wheel cover, etc.

Material specifications:

Composition: nylon + polyurethane.

Thickness: 1.3mm.

Width: 1.37m.

Color: Black, Beige, Grey, Red, Cinnamon, all colors available.

Packing: 36 meters per roll.

Origin: China.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 300 linear meters.

WINIW supply high quality synthetic automotive leather in stock large quantity, more than 20 series and 300 different colors and textures, available always Ready to Ship! You can select from our large colors and textures collections, as many colors and textures as you wish.

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