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How to Wash PU Leather Shoes?
Jun 06 , 2022

If there is a pair of PU leather shoes in our shoe cabinet, it needs to be cleaned regularly to make it look beautiful. Before cleaning, we must take out the insole in our shoes. Insoles can be cleaned separately (by hand or washing machine), or directly exposed to the sun for sterilization


After taking out the insole, we put the prepared short hair brush (note that the brush hair must be hard plastic hair) under the faucet to wet it. After wetting, we can pour a little detergent into the brush hair. Washing shoes with detergent can avoid damaging the leather on the surface of shoes, and it can also be washed very clean.

Then we pick up a shoe and put it under the tap to get wet. Then we use a brush coated with detergent to brush every corner of the shoe, including the sole. Remember, don't brush the shoes too hard. This will artificially damage the leather on the surface of the shoes. Even the most solid shoes will be washed out. After brushing, clean it with water.

Then apply toothpaste on the surface of the shoes (it doesn't need to be too good, just the ordinary one) and brush every corner of the shoes with a brush. Toothpaste is the best shoe whitening detergent. Using toothpaste will make the little white shoes look new and no longer yellow or black.

Note that if the shoelaces of shoes cannot be cleaned, the whole shoelace can be removed and washed in the washing machine. If you are afraid of trouble, you can brush them repeatedly. The shoelaces are more difficult to clean than other parts of the shoes, because they are knitted articles and are easy to get dirty. We can add some detergent for cleaning, which may be more effective.

After cleaning, we clean the other shoe according to this step. Note that the sole of the shoe also needs to be cleaned. Although the soles are very dirty, if they are not cleaned, they will pollute the surface of our cleaned shoes again. PU leather small white shoes can wet the whole pair of shoes without worrying about degumming (generally, the glue used for shoes is oil-soluble and will not degumm in case of water).

Finally, we put the whole pair of shoes under the faucet to wash inside and outside repeatedly. Make sure that every corner of the shoes is washed clean, and no detergent or toothpaste remains. Finally, we can put our shoes in the washing machine to dry, or we can put them directly on the balcony to dry. Be careful not to expose your shoes to the sun. It is easy to get hurt.
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