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The Characteristics of Microfiber Suede Leather
Jun 14 , 2022

  • Unique Style
Suede fabric has small reflection point, soft luster and color, full appearance and fine. The smaller elastic rigidity of the fibers makes it easy to obtain elegant results in suede fabrics. This gives synthetic suede excellent creativity and unique visual comfort.
  • Extremely Comfortable
Microfiber suede leather has good oil and water absorption. The microporous structure between the fabrics allows for more static air in the fabric and therefore better insulation. The delicacy of the fiber makes the fabric soft and smooth, which has obvious advantages in terms of tactile and physiological comfort.
  • Remarkable Waterproof and Steam Permeability
Raindrops are generally 100-200 microns in diameter, and human water vapor is about 0.1 micron in diameter. By controlling the shrinkage rate and changing the appropriate fiber clearance, island high density fabric with only 0.2-10μm clearance can be woven to achieve excellent water resistance and steam permeability.
  • Cleanability

The specific surface area and many voids give synthetic suede a strong cleaning effect. It is a new generation of high-performance cleaning products.

With the development of The Times, through the design and processing of microfiber suede, fabrics can obtain many special fabric styles, and the application of microfiber suede is also more widely, commonly used in automobile interiors, bags, shoes, clothing and other fields.
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