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Introduction to Synthetic Leather
May 09 , 2022

Syntic Leathether

Synthetic leather is a kind of material that is more similar to natural leather in function and structure, but it does not belong to artificial leather. Its functional characteristics are better than artificial leather. Because the price of synthetic leather is low and its characteristics are OK in all aspects, it occupies a large share in the market and can be used to make leather shoes, bags and other products. Next, let's take you to know the material of synthetic leather and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the material of synthetic leather?

Synthetic leather is a kind of leather made by processing chemical raw materials, using non-woven fabric as the base material, and then adding artificial coating material (PU) on both sides. The synthetic leather has the texture and appearance of leather. The difference between synthetic leather and artificial leather lies in the difference between substrate and coating. The substrate of synthetic leather is non-woven fabric, while artificial leather is textile fabric and the coating of artificial leather is PVC.

Advantages of synthetic leather:

Firstly, the functional characteristics of synthetic leather are closer to natural leather than artificial leather. Synthetic leather has excellent air permeability and good luster. Secondly, it has excellent wear resistance than leather. The products made are not easy to be damaged and have certain corrosion resistance. The key point is that synthetic leather has large output and low price, and can be used as a substitute for real leather.

Disadvantages of synthetic leather:

The synthetic leather is not as wear-resistant as the synthetic leather, but it will crack naturally in the future.

Price of synthetic leather:
At present, the wholesale price of synthetic leather on the market is about ten to twenty pieces per yard. The good quality is closely related to the price. Winiw also has the wholesale service of synthetic leather and other leather. Friends who want product prices and parameters are welcome to check.
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