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What Kind of Leather is Suede Leather?
Apr 27 , 2022

Suede refers to suede. Cowhide products have two sides. One side is smooth leather and the other side is non smooth suede leather. Suede is mostly used for suede shoes. Suede shoes can be divided into regular suede and reverse suede shoes. Suede has good air permeability and comfort, and the style is elegant and fashionable, but it is easy to get dirty.

Let's talk about the fur characteristics of suede: suede has good comfort and air permeability, but it's not easy to take care of and dirt is easy to adhere. In addition, the lint will fall when it meets water, which will reduce the comfort. It needs to be combed slowly to make the surface fluff soft and smooth.

Cleaning method of turning fur: when dirt appears on the fur, you need to slowly wipe the stain with a wet rag, then apply some detergent and continue to rub. After the stain is removed, absorb the detergent residue and stain on the surface of the fluff with a sponge, and finally wipe it with a dry rag.

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